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2512419 Ontario INC.

is in the industry of recycling scrap metal and metal products for reuse by the metal manufacturing industry. When metal products such as cars, trucks, or ships, become unusable for their original purpose, these items are often designated as scrap or salvage. 2512419 Ontario INC. can help you processes and recycle your unwonted metal to create new products.

Scrap recycling is an important and sophisticated link in the supply chain for manufacturers. While the methods and technology have changed over time, scrap metal recycling has been around for more than 200 years and the industry supplies about 40 percent of the raw materials used globally.


2512419 Ontario INC. always ensures that professionally trained staff and proper safety and environmental protection procedures are in place for every job. We make sure that cleaning, asbestos removal, refrigerant recovery, stripping and removing insulating materials, removal of all electric cables and wiring, and removal of PVC piping and other plastics are done correctly.

Our fully certified supervisors always monitor the job from start to finish ensuring that it’s done properly and according to agreed procedures.


This sound approach to recycling reduces the environmental impact (oil spills, waste, burning of cables, improper refrigerant recovery etc.) Recycling of all recyclable materials and environmentally sound disposal of all nonrenewable materials ensures a documented safe and secure working environment for everyone including the recycling staff.

2512419 Ontario INC. strives to reduce resource use instead of contributing to pollution of the air or soil by burning or disposal at landfills.


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